Filler Case Study:Top 100 Food Process Manufacturer


LineSpex Case Study: How our Industrial Vision Systems are designed to improve the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of any manufacturing production line. Enabling immediate root cause analysis and the ability to track and visualize your downtime events, you can save on product waste, decrease product turnover times, and increase efficiency

The Client: A US-Based food manufacturer, featured on “Food Processing Top 100 2017” list, that began operations in the 1800’s now employs over 8,000 people with revenues over $5 billion USD.

 The Challenge: Unplanned production stops were hurting productivity and overall equipment efficiency. The plant personnel could not understand the true cause of the line stops. Although they could locate where the issue occurred and the end-result, they were not able to isolate why it happened and what caused the machine failures result in man hours wasted, product loss and unnecessary downtime. The cost impact was no longer negligible. Management realized that additional technology was needed to eradicate these losses.

Results:The manufacturer consulted with LineSpex to see if we had a feasible solution. The conclusion was reached that they would partake in our software/hardware demo.

On a bottle-filling line, the system was used to perform a root cause analysis for dented bottles. Shortly after installation of the LineSpex vision system the company was able to identify the reason and implemented an appropriate change in the operation to prevent denting; this resulted in a 30% reduction in stops and 2 point increase on this line alone. On a high-speed pouch line, our client saw a significant  increase in productivity in just a few days’ time. After initial demo’s success, we implemented the solution on a few more machines in the facility. All application saw measurable improvements in overall efficiency.

After a highly effective and successful proof-of-concept; our client decided to scale the solution throughout the facility and expand to other locations. We worked with them directly to identify and implement best practices to ensure continuous improvement in productivity across the enterprise.

“After building a new down bottle reject system for the bottle feeder, we used the system to figure out how to improve it by reviewing performance.”

“On line 107 we used it to reduce setup time during change overs by refining our process and utilizing the LineSpex system to do so. The result was a over 20-minute savings on severe changeovers.”


Contact: Marvin Kiwan
(714) 688-7986

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