Product Applications


Troubleshooting the infeed of a filler, ensuring the proper setup of a seamer, or diagnosing a case packer that jams every two hours is nearly impossible when you are running flat out at 1,500+ units per minute.

Our high speed video provides a detailed view into this high speed world without slowing down production.

Built to withstand moisture and the conditions often found along a beverage line, our products are designed to operate in this environment.



With the need for perfect quality and low cost production, packaging of food products can be particularly difficult.

Operators can see jams in slow motion and instantly determine whether environmental issues (temperature, etc.), line setups, or material defects are the root cause.

Consumer Products

Whether it’s for production line operations team or the technical engineering team, our production camera and high speed cameras can cover every angle of your operation with the same easy to use system to reduce your unplanned downtime, and improve your root cause analysis.

Consumer Healthcare

Our new line of hardware will be IP69K complaint with a corrosive-resistant stainless steel housing option to fit the requirements of all healthcare and pharmaceutical facilities.

Machine Tools

Machine tools wear over time and raw materials are not perfect. Our high speed cameras can stop the action so you can see a sharp image of the operation. Then, operators can use the easy-to-understand interface to step frame-by-frame through the job to see how the tool, design and material are performing.


Characterized by stringent requirements and high per-unit cost, pharmaceutical manufacturing has its own unique set of challenges. Our solutions allow you to capture, replay, distribute, analyze and permanently eliminate the root cause of production problems.

Pulp and Paper

Paper making is a highly sophisticated process involving several steps to turn wood logs into paper products. Opportunities for inconsistencies across any number of stages can lead to downtime or production waste.

With A1Webcams, we can help eliminate downtime by providing a close look at each step and giving valuable feedback for troubleshooting and resolving issues.

Packaging & Palletizers

Ensuring that your deliveries are always correctly counted and packed is important to keeping your production line operation efficiency at its best. Our systems help with root cause analysis so you can streamline your packaging and palletizing operation to be simpler, faster and more efficient.

With A1Webcams, we can help eliminate downtime by providing a close look at each step and giving valuable feedback for troubleshooting and resolving issues.

Improving OEE

One of the major goals of OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) programs is to reduce and/or eliminate what are called the Six Big Losses – the most common causes of efficiency loss in manufacturing.

The Line of Site System is a continuous monitoring solution that addresses all Six Big Losses. LSS kits are an excellent countermeasure tool to be used in addressing the Six Big Losses and have proven to be especially beneficial in root cause analysis, improving line efficiency, elimination of “short-stops,” and line speed increases.

Plants have reported the technology paid for itself within the first few weeks of use on the plant floor. The vast majority of customers will no longer operate without LSS Continuous Monitoring Solution.