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Benefits of our Industrial Vision Systems

Our Industrial Vision Systems improve the productivity and quality of the production line. Our affordable production line monitoring systems are most valuable when used to enhance production efficiencies and reduce product waste. Immediate on the spot root cause analysis and the ability to track and visualize downtime events becomes effortless. Our systems improve quality and […]

How to achieve less downtime using our Industrial Vision Systems

Problem statement: Inability to see incidents in order to understand how to fix and determine root cause. Objective: Develop a low-cost system that allows operators and management to increase visibility and problem-solve faster. Result: They were able to identify maintenance issues immediately with the LineSpex System by reviewing live footage rather than having to replicate […]

Minimize waste and optimize real time quality data using our Industrial Vision Systems.

Wasted and recalled products are unfortunate consequences of a manufacturing process that is not running as efficiently as it could be. By enhancing quality, facilities can drastically reduce these outcomes, which accelerates output and increases customer satisfaction. One of the best ways to minimize waste and to optimize real time quality data is from our […]

Downtime Viewer and Video

DownTime Viewer + Video Integrated Machine Vision Brief Description The MAPLE Suite Downtime Viewer (DTV) and video is a system that was developed by Fortech that integrates with the LineSpex machine vision system to that help ensure quality and efficiency are built into the manufacturing process and are proactively and systematically enforced. The Downtime Viewer […]

Are you experiencing bottlenecks and efficiency issues on your production line?

Production line managers, are you experiencing bottlenecks and efficiency issues on your production line? No matter the situation real time problem solving is crucial to company operations, especially in a manufacturing organization.  Unplanned stops are costly to any business and being able to create a leaner more efficient operation lowers the bottom line and increases […]

Green Manufacturing

“Lean, green and clean manufacturing” “Green” manufacturing is now becoming the new standard in the manufacturing industry, saving money and time. “Green” manufacturing offers extensive advances in efficiency and productivity without the drawbacks of waste and pollution.  There are an immense amount of benefits manufacturing plants can gain by implementing “green” practices in their facilities. […]

Quality Manufacturing=Quality Products

Today, there are still many challenges facing the manufacturing industry as they work to optimize the production line. The majority of these problems center on the speed and accuracy of production. Manufacturing facilities need to create quality products in a time- and cost-efficient manner.  In order to keep the manufacturing process strong, facilities must constantly […]

Linespex Case Study

  Linespex Case Study: How our Industrial Vision Systems have dramatically decreased major and minor jams. Enabling immediate root cause analysis and the ability to track and see downtime events, leads to a decrease of waste on the production line and increases overall efficiency. The Client: A manufacturing top 100 company that has earned a […]