Benefits of our Industrial Vision Systems

Our Industrial Vision Systems improve the productivity and quality of the production line. Our affordable production line monitoring systems are most valuable when used to enhance production efficiencies and reduce product waste. Immediate on the spot root cause analysis and the ability to track and visualize downtime events becomes effortless. Our systems improve quality and productivity, while driving down manufacturing costs which ultimately could have been costly.

How to achieve less downtime using our Industrial Vision Systems

Problem statement: Inability to see incidents in order to understand how to fix and determine root cause.

Objective: Develop a low-cost system that allows operators and management to increase visibility and problem-solve faster.

Result: They were able to identify maintenance issues immediately with the LineSpex System by reviewing live footage rather than having to replicate the fault; saving blocked product due to new sightline and rewind capabilities.

For downtime, knowing when, where, and how downtime occurs is essential to knowing how to prevent it. An early step toward reducing unexpected production backups and downtime can be achieved. By using our LineSpex Industrial Vision System, you will be able to carefully and accurately track when and where downtime occurs.

Minimize waste and optimize real time quality data using our Industrial Vision Systems.

Wasted and recalled products are unfortunate consequences of a manufacturing process that is not running as efficiently as it could be. By enhancing quality, facilities can drastically reduce these outcomes, which accelerates output and increases customer satisfaction.

One of the best ways to minimize waste and to optimize real time quality data is from our Industrial Vision Systems. We have taken the guesswork out of unknown production stops, by enabling on the spot root cause analysis and the ability to track and visualize your downtime events. That way you can save on product waste, decrease product turnover rates and overall increase revenue.

Our Industrial Vision Systems are being used in multiple facilities throughout the United States that have won awards across several categories, including environmental sustainability, diversity and inclusion, safety and innovation.

How to eliminate the Six Big Losses with our LSS systems

Our Line of Site System is a continuous monitoring solution that addresses all Six Big Losses. LSS kits are an excellent countermeasure tool to be used in addressing the Six Big Losses and have proven to be especially beneficial in root cause analysis, improving line efficiency, elimination of “shortstops,” and line speed increases. Plants have reported the technology paid for itself within the first few weeks of use on the plant floor. The vast majority of customers will no longer operate without LSS Continuous Monitoring Solution


Plants have reported the technology paid for itself within the first few weeks of use on the plant floor. The vast majority of customers will no longer operate without LSS Continuous Monitoring Solution.

Downtime Viewer and Video

DownTime Viewer + Video

Integrated Machine Vision

Brief Description

The MAPLE Suite Downtime Viewer (DTV) and video is a system that was developed by Fortech that integrates with the LineSpex machine vision system to that help ensure quality and efficiency are built into the manufacturing process and are proactively and systematically enforced.

The Downtime Viewer and video system can connect multiple plants, sites and live production information, and integrate with equipment, controllers and enterprise business applications. The result is visibility, control and optimization of production and processes across the enterprise. DTV operates alongside most existing MES/MOM systems and integrates with existing fault code / event tag data.

Key Features

  • Automated capture and tracking of equipment downtimes and production
  • Web-based KPI dashboard and ad-hoc reporting
  • Utilization of emerging technologies like video, mobile and web
  • User interface optimized for touch screen and efficient operator usability
  • Integration with applications and equipment throughout the enterprise
  • Highly configurable and adaptable to a multitude of operations


  • Make fact-based operational and strategic decisions
  • Continuously improve product quality and new designs
  • Proactively and systematically standardize and enforce processes across all sites
  • Gain real-time visibility and control across the manufacturing supply chain
  • Accelerate trace analysis, root cause diagnosis and issue resolution
  • Lower cost of good quality

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Are you experiencing bottlenecks and efficiency issues on your production line?

Production line managers, are you experiencing bottlenecks and efficiency issues on your production line? No matter the situation real time problem solving is crucial to company operations, especially in a manufacturing organization.  Unplanned stops are costly to any business and being able to create a leaner more efficient operation lowers the bottom line and increases profits. 

With the use of our Industrial Vision Systems coupled with our partner Fortech’s Downtime Viewer there are given intelligent eyes on the line. Allowing manufacturers to take control of their own success. They are able to better control the quality of product, machine maintenance, and work with machine manufactures accountable for failures. 

Green Manufacturing

“Lean, green and clean manufacturing”

“Green” manufacturing is now becoming the new standard in the manufacturing industry, saving money and time. “Green” manufacturing offers extensive advances in efficiency and productivity without the drawbacks of waste and pollution. 

There are an immense amount of benefits manufacturing plants can gain by implementing “green” practices in their facilities. By increasing overall productivity and efficiencies while reducing unplanned downtimes caused by ineffective machinery. they are able to reduce the numerous hours trying to pin point exactly where on the production line the issue had occurred, we can help you save time, money and waste.

 With the use of our Industrial Vision Systems, you can be on the way to creating a more efficient facility. Our systems will integrate with your current MES systems to catch unplanned downtime on the production line, increase the efficiency of the production process by decreasing unplanned production stops and increasing overall efficiency throughout the whole manufacturing process. 

New facilities are being built with a more efficient manufacturing process in mind.  While the older facilities can benefit from upgrading to a more sustainable and efficient solution. 

Quality Manufacturing=Quality Products

Today, there are still many challenges facing the manufacturing industry as they work to optimize the production line. The majority of these problems center on the speed and accuracy of production. Manufacturing facilities need to create quality products in a time- and cost-efficient manner. 

In order to keep the manufacturing process strong, facilities must constantly innovate to reduce waste, speed up automated processes, and ensure that enterprise quality management remains unhindered. With the cost of poor quality so high today, companies have so much to gain by investing in and prioritizing less downtime on your production lines. 

Our Industrial Vision Systems, help food and goods manufacturers find a quick solution to unplanned downtime on the production line resulting in an accelerated root cause analysis in which the newly obtained data gets collected and transformed into usable data to ensure product quality throughout the process. Our customers are using the technology to find an immediate solution on their production lines. 

What makes our High Speed Cameras different from our competitors

Our System was built with one thing in mind, our users. Every advancement was made to make this the easiest multi-camera high speed recording system to use in the market. We configured the base system to include features other companies charge extra for. Keeping the entire system very simple to set up, use and integrate with your MES.

  • Fully integrated with all MES
  • Remote control optical zoom lens
  • IP67 wash down enclosure 
  • Long distance runs, no repeater 
  • Record continously for weeks
  • HTML5 plugin less live and playback web
  • A fraction of the cost of competing systems
  • 240fps @ 720p matches performance of higher speed VGA systems
  • Video, control, and power over one RG6 cable


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Reducing unplanned downtime on your production line and increasing OEE


Whether you’re a manufacturing professional or an aspiring employee trying to reap the rewards of increasing equipment efficiency, you probably cringe when you hear the words ‘unplanned downtime’.

I once spoke to a continuous improvement professional that told us his manager’s Achilles Heel was hearing someone say ‘we had an unplanned stop. “Say that term to him three times,” he joked “and his heart would stop.”

No matter if you’re in charge of efficiency at the plant level or at the corporate level, no one likes to hear that their machines aren’t running efficiently. Most often, however, there are multiple actions that can be taken to improve the machine’s throughput.

On a recent facility walk-through, the individual responsible for efficiency & output showed us their stops and how it was affecting Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE). This multi-billion international corporation had a system that tracked overall efficiency and showed it on a scoreboard-style display. Prior to our solution their OEE was running at 87%, which for most is superb, but they were aiming for 90% –the standard for their organization

Many facilities tend to place the blame for efficiencies on human-error related issues that were being written off as machine-related issues. But when an organization is capable of the view of a specific issue, they can correctly categorize downtime. A 3% increase in efficiency does not seem like a daunting task but when you take into account that the facility is already quite efficient it seems like an uphill battle that can’t be won.

With the use of LineSpex they were able to assess the set up and provide an integrated machine vision solution to aid in pin pointing the root cause of stops.

Immediately following the implementation of the LineSpex’s solution the manufacturer was able to use the data to employ changes to increase OEE. Part of the issue was upstream machines were running faster than the downstream machines were able to handle, and overtime, caused a jam.

By implementing Linespex’s integrated machine vision solution, it had quickly found a solution that saved the manufacturing plant thousands of dollars within the first week. Resulting in an increase in OEE, making the plant a more efficient and lean running manufacturing facility.