Limited Warranty and Customer Satisfaction Return Policy

What Is Covered

This warranty covers the original end user purchaser only for product malfunctions and defects in materials and workmanship that materially affect the performance of the product, with the exceptions stated below.

Coverage Length

This warranty runs for 2 years from the date of purchase of the product on cameras, DVRs and 18 months for specialty cameras including but not limited to:PTZs and High Speed Cameras. Some products have longer warranty periods, as indicated in our catalog or on our website in effect as of the date of your purchase. Any product that is not a Linespex product has a one year warranty. Additionally, if you have purchased an extended warranty, this warranty will continue for the term of the extended warranty, as indicated on the documentation therefore. No warranties, express, implied or statutory, will be in effect beyond the applicable warranty term.

What Is Not Covered

This warranty does not cover product damages caused directly or indirectly in whole or in part by acts of nature, crime, improper installation, lightning strikes, power surges, vandalism, products that have been smashed, broken, burned or damaged in transit (even if damaged in return to us), or any other unreasonable use, abuse or misuse (including failure to provide reasonable and necessary maintenance) of the product. Any product modified from its factory condition (including cutting wires or the addition or removal of any component such as hard drives,fans, peripherals, etc) will void your warranty. Our obligation is limited to providing service as described in this warranty. We are not responsible for any lost time, profits or business, personal injury, property damage or similar loss, or any punitive, consequential or other direct, indirect or incidental damages.

Our Recommendations

To protect your equipment from power related damages that could void your warranty, we recommend the use of a Double-Conversion Online Power Supply/Backup UPS to act as a filter for any surges cause by higher voltage equipment like machinery, generators, etc… This will help protect unexpected hard drive data loss and high voltage damage to both your recording and imaging equipment.

How To Get Service

A returned merchandise authorization (“RMA”) is required before sending a product back to us. Before sending a product for warranty repair, please call our support department at 1-800-616-7986, and we will attempt to diagnose the problem, identify the appropriate warranty actions for your product, and, if necessary, issue an RMA number and return instructions. Please do not send a product to us without an RMA, all shipments sent back without RMA number will be refused at shipping warehouse. Please pack the product carefully before return and include all parts and accessories so that we can thoroughly service your product.

What We Will Do

Once a product has been returned on a warranty claim, we will promptly inspect the product to determine if a problem exists that is covered by this warranty. Customers returning products for warranty repair that are determined to be in working condition or that have problems not covered by the warranty will be charged a $50 diagnostic fee in addition to any charges for repair or replacement of the product that you may authorize after we provide you an estimate of the cost of repair or replacement. If you choose not to have a non-warranty repair made, we will dispose of the product or return it to you at your expense if you so request. If we determine that a product defect is covered by this warranty, we will repair it at no charge or, at our option, replace it with a product of like functionality.