What makes our High Speed Cameras different from our competitors

Our System was built with one thing in mind, our users. Every advancement was made to make this the easiest multi-camera high speed recording system to use in the market. We configured the base system to include features other companies charge extra for. Keeping the entire system very simple to set up, use and integrate with your MES.

  • Fully integrated with all MES
  • Remote control optical zoom lens
  • IP67 wash down enclosure 
  • Long distance runs, no repeater 
  • Record continously for weeks
  • HTML5 plugin less live and playback web
  • A fraction of the cost of competing systems
  • 240fps @ 720p matches performance of higher speed VGA systems
  • Video, control, and power over one RG6 cable


For more information call us at: 714-688-7986 Email Us: sales@linespex.com

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