How does 240 FPS in High Definition compare to the other Continuous High Speed Recording Systems?

Here is a frame rate comparison between our standard HD (High Definition) Production Line Cameras at 60fps vs our new HD 240fps Cameras vs your standard machine vision 500fps+ Camera at VGA resolutions.

Notice the difference in object screen time for the 240fps HD camera vs the 500fps VGA Machine Vision camera, with High Definition you get the same amount of object screen time as a VGA 500fps camera, with the added bonus of the image being much more clear.

All camera lenses were set to the same focal point and same distance from the conveyor.

Our new 240fps  offers the same ease of installation, maintenance and use as our standard 60fps production line cameras. No longer deal with high speed triggers, limited recording time and short range runs that all current multiple camera high speed systems suffer from! Record continuously for over a month, remote control optical zoom lens from multiple software platforms, with long range 400ft runs from the recorder to the camera! One cable provides power, video and data control. It’s just as easy as USB 3 vision cameras without the limitations!

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